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In the past, the area between Harderwijk and Ermelo was covered only by grasslands and stables. Up until one day when the stables were demolished. Architect firm FIER and construction company HEUTBOUW were then commissioned to turn it into a green zone with new homes on it. FIER opted for a green village type development, which harks back in style to the rich agricultural past: fifteen houses, together on one estate, split between two expanses of greenery. HEUTBOUW implemented this plan down to the last detail and added a sustainable vision to it, by opting for ground-based heat pumps, in-roof solar panels and heat recovery systems..

A simple new style construction just didn't fit into this environment. It was up to us as architects to design something that would hark back to the rich agricultural past."

Alex Drost, Architect and Director at FIER




The first design was quickly produced, and soon after the challenges started. This was a CPO project, which involved collective private commissioning. Which means that careful consultation was an absolute requirement. And the wishes of each individual resident had to reflect the wishes of the group as a whole. Ultimately, FIER and HEUTBOUW successfully delivered a result that pleased all the involved parties.

As a collective project, it meant that we had to work it out together. Keeping everyone onboard – that was the challenge."

Alex Drost, Architect and Director at FIER


VELUX played an important role in making all the new homeowners wishes come true.

Installing roof windows was a great way to create the feeling of more space under the roof. The homeowners appreciated the natural daylight that flooded the upstairs floor and made it look bigger and brighter. The roof windows brough the outside inside, by providing natural lighting and ventilation.

We chose VELUX for its quality, easy installation and the benefits it offers to homeowners. For example, we opted for the top-hung roof windows with a bottom handle to make it easy for homeowners to operate their windows."

Elzard Slingerland, Project leader at HEUTBOUW

About FIER

FIER architecten is a family business ran by the cousins Willem-Alex Jansen and Alex Drost. They see it as their goal to bring people's dreams one step closer.
FIER have a flexible, innovative style, focused on creating space. Their enthusiastic and professional team guarantees beautiful, surprising and practical designs.




HEUTBOUW has been around for more than a hundred years. Started as a masonry company, HEUTBOUW developed into a contracting, development and real estate company. The company has spanned five generations, and the sixth generation is now getting ready to take over.
HEUTBOUW builds beautiful homes, constructs elegant distribution centres and carries out renovations and restorations. Sustainability is a top priority for the company.



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