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Daylight and privacy go hand in hand

Beforehand, the house faced some challenges regarding access to daylight. The focal point of the house is an impressive winter garden placed in extension to the kitchen. A wonderful room that a lucky family can benefit from all year round. But it’s also a design that would usually reduce the daylight significantly.

Furthermore, the construction had to comply with existing regulations which state that the total glass area of a house must make up a least 10% of the total floor area. This ensures daylight, but it’s also a potential challenge to privacy as large windows tend to let in light as well as prying eyes from the neighbours. A familiar issue in high-density housing areas.

As part of the housing exhibition Byg og Bo 2022, KFS Boligbyg presented their take on a contemporary, sustainable single-family house in Hinnerup close to Aarhus. A vibrant and popular suburb where the construction company has built a bright and open brick house full of great details.

Today, it’s not just about building big but about delivering quality on every square metre, and daylight has a vital part to play in this

Ditte Maria Kollerup, owner and managing director in KFS Boligbyg



A flat roof full of daylight

The company solved this by designing a flat roof house with plenty of sky light. A home that pleases both the sales department and the architect at KFS Boligbyg. Because it’s wonderful to live in and caters to a broad group of families.

To solve the daylight issues, the house has been equipped with a total of nine roof windows from VELUX that flood the home with light – also in bathrooms and the bedroom where you want privacy. The roof windows and the flat roof have also provided the architect with a greater sense of freedom and flexibility, because the omnipresent daylight eliminates the need for façade windows. On top of this, the electric roof windows improve the indoor climate significantly as it’s easy to let in fresh air in the summer or after someone has had a shower.


KFS Boligbyg has worked closely with VELUX for many years and for several reasons. Because of the high-quality products, the flexible service and the willingness to work with new solutions. But the construction company also highlights VELUX’s commitment to improving people’s well-being through a better indoor climate as an appealing element.

VELUX is always eager to try out new solutions and building types. That’s very appealing to us

Ditte Maria Kollerup, owner and managing director in KFS Boligbyg

Great to live in – easy to sell

The roof windows add value to the house in more than one way. From an architectural perspective, the large windows in the roof make up an important part of the overall expression. But they are also key to other significant details that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

This is not restricted to the house in Hinnerup. Overall, KFS Boligbyg gets a lot of positive feedback from potential customers visiting the company’s houses, and the general view is that it owes a lot to the use of roof windows and daylight. The same goes if a buyer for some reason wishes to resell a house from KFS Boligbyg.

The windows play an important part in the overall design of the home. Without them we would almost have to design a completely different house

Stefan Rohde Clausen, head of design and architect at KFS Boligbyg

What I often hear is that our houses are easy to resell at a great value, and I think it’s down to a combination of price, quality and the feeling you get inside our houses. You just feel really comfortable, and that’s valuable in many ways.

Ditte Maria Kollerup, owner and managing director in KFS Boligbyg

About KFS Boligbyg

KFS Boligbyg is a family-owned construction company that has been bringing people’s dream homes to life since 1983. Through the years, the company has built more than 1,500 homes, primarily in Northern, Central and Eastern Jutland.

KFS Boligbyg is a construction company with its own architect studio. This unique combination allows the company to offer customers an architect-designed house where KFS Boligbyg handles both the design and the actual construction. This way, customers can trust the company to deliver the house of their dreams on time and on budget.



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