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How to let the light in without the heat?

For many years, Skanlux has designed and built houses all over the country. The goal has always been to do things differently than other construction companies, and the company took a similar approach as they set about to erect a new house in Jutland. Skanlux wanted to design a home that is closely connected to nature and where the light penetrates every room. At the same time, they needed to pay attention to the energy performance of the house and make sure that it wouldn’t become overheated. The solution was to look to the sky.

We want to stand out and get noticed, and VELUX helps us do that.

Søren Rowlandson Milo, Director of sales and partner in Skanlux



Natural daylight into every corner of the house

Skanlux and VELUX have worked together for several years. At first, VELUX suggested that they made a daylight analysis and based on that they presented a proposal for the placement of the roof windows. In the end, the house was equipped with a total of eight roof windows, including two large and wide windows in the kitchen-dining area which is truly the heart of the house. The windows open up the room and allow plenty of natural daylight into every corner of the house. But the roof windows also add an exclusive touch that can be enjoyed day and night. Because when the sun sets there is a wonderful view to the stars from the sofa.

The roof windows are also crucial when it comes to controlling the heat and the ventilation. Because the windows not only let in the light. When they are opened, they create a chimney effect, so that the warm, stale air is pushed out. This helps create a light and spacious house that is comfortable to live in and in touch with the sky.

If we can design a home that is more exciting, it also allows us to charge a higher price

Søren Rowlandson Milo, Director of sales and partner in Skanlux

Daylight provides a competitive edge

The collaboration between Skanlux and VELUX goes beyond this specific house. Consequently, the construction company is able to offer customers a range of advanced roof windows and different solutions that are all backed by thorough daylight analyses. It’s not only about a window that you can open to air out the room, because daylight gives you so many other benefits. And it’s all something that the people at Skanlux are able to prove scientifically.

Working closely with VELUX and having this great relationship give us an advantage and help us stay ahead of the competition. When customers experience the different VELUX solutions in our houses, it really inspires them. It’s not only about the light. You can gaze at the stars from your sofa, and this is something that people really appreciate. It’s easy to create interest when you can offer such a product.

Jan Risbæk Olesen, Director of sales in Skanlux

About Skanlux

Since 2002, Skanlux has delivered architect designed summer houses and holiday homes for families all over Denmark. The construction company has its own architects, site managers and advisors and collaborate with a range of hand-picked suppliers. Indoor climate and energy optimisation are key from the very start. It’s a matter of health as well as finances.

Skanlux offers a range of standard houses that can be accommodated to different needs and requirements. This way, customers are provided with flexibility and quality at a reasonable price. The holiday homes are erected on site without prefabricated solutions and are adapted to fit each building site. Skanlux is right by the customer’s side from the very first examination of the soil until the key is in the door.



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