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The Challenge

Oak-NGate were driven to improve the desirability of their entry-level homes and to increase the rate of sales whilst maintaining healthy profit margins. Central to this, they were also striving to improve the quality of life of their customers.

We needed to improve the rate of sales on our private housing units.

Louise Craven, Oak-NGate Sales Manager

The Solution

Oak-NGate developed 'The Maple' model based on a 3 Bedroom, 1000 square foot (92m2) home that had been a success in the social housing segment of their 800 unit Liverpool development project. The design featured extra storage space, quality finishes, and plenty of roof windows to provide fresh air and natural light. 'The Maple' was their first design introducing a VELUX kitchen extension answering the market demand for bright and flexible living spaces on ground level.

We noticed an increased demand for more flexible spaces and overhead windows.

Donald Craven, Oak-NGate Managing Director

The Results

The bright kitchen extension created a consistent ‘wow factor’ for families visiting 'the Maple' model unit. Even though it was a relatively small, cosy space, people opened the door into the little sunroom of the kitchen, and the impact was immediate: people loved it, they thought it was a brilliant space. As a result, Oak-NGate saw an immediate increase of approximately 40% in their monthly sales and a 23.3% increase in profit per unit sold.

The build cost of the extension was on par with the rest of the house, the sale value per square proved to be 4.4 times higher.

Louise Craven, Oak-NGate Sales Manager







We are definitely designing our future builds with more light. We’re incorporating windows above the stairs, in shower areas, and in hallways which we’ve never done before. As a result, we’re getting forward interest without even advertising.

Louise Craven Oak-NGate Sales Manager

About Oak-NGate

Oak-NGate (Stoke) Limited is a top-rated building company in the UK. Based in Stoke on Trent, England, Oak-NGate specialises in building high-quality family homes in a range of sizes and configurations. The company is known throughout the UK for their diverse industry expertise and the extra care they invest in working closely together with each of their customers, whether they are private citizens or local building councils. 

“We understand that every home is a special place,” says managing director Donald Craven, “this is where our customers and their families grow up together, and it is a place they’ll always come back to. That is why we take so much care to do everything we can to build great homes."



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